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There are two major functions that you as an entrepreneur must master to be successful: 

  1. You must find your niche, your way to disrupt the marketplace, and then execute your plan or strategy.  (Operate the Business) 
  2. Just as important, you must properly fund your business start-up. (Raise the Capital)

Both are FULL TIME JOBS!  Our Services are designed to help you achieve your dream.  We let you focus on what you do best, and we manage and resource the rest and work in parallel to get the job done as quickly as possible.  Time to market is essential to capture your opportunity and capital is essential to grow your company.   


We are We are a virtual advisory and project management company that is agile, on-demand, disruptive, and a collaborative network of freelance advisors. Through our relationships (our Advisory Network), we help entrepreneurs and innovators “simply raise capital” so they can turn their dreams into reality through equity crowdfunding and other proven methods.

We collaborate with the “best in class” experts and Advisors to “solve the puzzle of raising capital.”  Our Project Manager works with your management team to select a “custom team” (from our Advisory Network) that is the right fit for your needs.  We manage this process for you, so you can focus on “the business of your business.”


You have decided to go into business for yourself and work to make your dreams into reality.  You know your big idea will work, if you just work it!  You have used your savings, your credit cards, and you have asked friends and family to help finance your dream to this point… Now comes the reality that you simply do not have the funds to launch your dream to the public.

So, you start to learn about things like bridge capital, venture capital, hedge funds, angel investors and more. The business of raising capital has now become your full-time job and your dream is on hold… Some of our clients say, “Raising Capital turned our dream into a nightmare!”

Enter  Simply Go Public. We help you get your idea in front of the public (the Crowd) by helping you raise the capital necessary to launch your big idea and helping you find the customers to make your product or service a success.

Together, we help you achieve your vision.


How It Works...

Learn how our proven formula can take your Big Idea to the Public and Raise the Capital you need to succeed.